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private tours

Explore Ireland’s rich, vibrant heritage and step into
her mystical history

Our private tours are suitable for everyone wishing to discover Ireland’s heart and soul.

They are perfect for families, small groups, solo travelers and couples traveling together!
Join us on the next fascinating journey to uncover the history, the myths and legends that make up Ireland’s rich heritage. We invite you to immerse yourself in Ireland’s varied musical landscape, its
culinary diversity and get a sneak peek into what makes Ireland magical.

You can choose from the different types of tours and we can design a bespoke tour according to your needs and desires. You can choose from a tour lasting 4, 6 or 8 hours. We can incorporate different exciting activities throughout the day; from a fun jewellery making class to a walk amongst natural, rugged, beautiful landscape and from a calming meditation class to sampling hearty cuisine in a local pub followed by a traditional Irish music session.

Just get in touch and let us know what you would like to experience and we'll design the tour for you.

We look forward to embarking on a wonderful journey with you!


Street Art

The street art walking tour is a great way to explore the city, discovering its hidden gems through the numerous artworks


Discover Dublin

This tour is ideal for first time visitors who want to explore the city’s major
landmarks, uncover the history, myths and legends 

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We customise our tours according to your needs 

The health and safety of our clients are our top priority
We accommodate small groups with a maximum of 15 people


Private Tour Dublin
Private tour dublin
Private Tour Dublin
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