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Bringing people together through walking tours, meditation classes and forest walks

ABOUT aurora

I am originally from Italy.

In 2008, I moved to Ireland and after a few years in my newly adopted home of Dublin, I set up a blog on which I shared stories about the Emerald Isle and also went on to publish travel guides online. My love for people, Irish history, myths and legends, led me to attend a course on Irish folklore and mythology, along with a training in tour guiding certified by the recognized official training authority in Ireland.

After embarking on a journey of personal development through coaching, meditation and mindful writing practices, I decided to attend the Being Present Mindfulness training (MBLC) with the Sanctuary and I became a mindfulness teacher. 

I have learned that being aware of our own thoughts and emotions is the first step of the healing process, but is only when you rekindle your commitment to being kinder to yourself and others, that real transformation happens. In 2022 I became a forest bathing guide with Nadur. This journey has been allowing me to reconnect with nature in a new, joyful way and I feel very grateful for this.

I am now committed to supporting you to find an empowering way that enables you to live a healthier and happier life by sharing my knowledge and experience, whether you choose a mindfulness course, or a forest bathing walk. 

Currently, I host private forest bathing walks in Phoenix Park as well as workshops at the Sanctuary.

From June 2021 to July 2022, I ran online meditation sessions for people with intellectual disabilities and their assistants for L’Arche Kilkenny.


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